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Hello and welcome to Inner Wisdom & Wellness Psychological Services. I'm so glad you are considering taking the next step towards your emotional and mental health, and I would love to help guide you in your journey.

Life's journey can be difficult at times, but you don't have to travel alone. I have been practicing psychology and counseling for over a decade and would love nothing more than to be on your team as you navigate life. I take a teamwork approach that is specifically designed for you to help you reach your goals.  It is very important to me that all people feel respected, honored, heard, understood, and empowered. Let's get you there together!

My therapeutic approach focuses on developing a supportive, trusting, and caring counseling relationship. Within this relationship, your individual treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs. I incorporate aspects of cognitive, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, compassion-focused, emotion-focused, interpersonal psychotherapy, feminist-empowerment therapy, and Ericksonian clinical hypnosis into therapy, depending on the nature of the person and their needs & wants.

As a mental health professional, I try to incorporate deep compassion and respect into the counseling relationship. Together, we will identify your goals and steps you can take to reach them, within a supportive and confidential environment that prioritizes you!

I have extensive training and experience in providing mental health services for:

* Depression & Mood Disorders

* Anxiety (including Panic, Social, OCD, Phobias)

* Stress Management

* Health/Medical Concerns

* Relationship Concerns

* Family Issues

* Yoga Therapy

* Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence


* Ericksonian Hypnosis

* Body Image & Eating Concerns

* Life Transitions (including Grief & Loss)

* LGBTTQIA+ Concerns

* Native American Concerns

* Young Adults

* Academic Skill-Building (for college)

* Couples

15 Years of Clinical Experience

13 Years

Serving Clients in Fargo, ND

Advanced Training in


Clinical Hypnosis



Clinical Supervision Services

Groups & Workshops

Sitting in the home of the grandfather of clinical hypnosis, Dr. Milton Erickson.

Dr. Erickson's home is now the Erickson Museum (photo taken Phoenix, AZ, July 2017)


Dr. Jaryn Allen, LP
Licensed Counseling Psychologist
& Clinical Hypnotherapist

I have been providing mental health services in the Fargo area for 8+ years. I received my doctorate from the University of North Dakota in Counseling Psychology and completed my clinical internship at the University of Manitoba Counselling & Career Centre. I have received advanced training in Ericksonian hypnosis at the Milton Erickson Foundation with Dr. Erickson's protégées, Dr. Jeff Zeig & Dr. Brent Geary.  I utilize Ericksonian hypnosis for managing and reducing anxiety, depression, chronic pain and illness, and for medical purposes--such as pre-and post-surgery or dental procedures. Research demonstrates that hypnosis can be incredibly beneficial for managing intense chronic pain and symptoms associated with chronic illness or autoimmune diseases (i.e., Crohn's, IBS, thyroid conditions); can facilitate faster and more effective healing of burns, wounds, and post-operation; and can empower one to self-manage symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. During hypnosis, you will remain in complete control of your mind and body and can communicate during the process.

My passions outside of mental health include time with family and friends, playing with my 3 dogs (chocolate lab, yellow lab beagle mix, pug), practicing yoga, practicing mindfulness and meditation, attending music festivals and concerts, advocating for social justice, reading, and traveling.

If you'd like to know more about me, or have a chat before you schedule your first appointment, please give me a call at 701.368.7400 for a free 15-minute phone consultation or email me utilizing the chat box on this page.

Meet Me

Meet  Me

Fees & Questions


Privacy Policy

What Can I Expect?

First Session (Intake): $150

Individual Sessions: $125

Couples Sessions: $150

Hypnosis Sessions: $150

Most sessions are 50 minutes.

Intakes, Couples & Hypnosis sessions may last up to 90 minutes.

I accept payment in the form of cash, check, major credit cards and healthcare spending accounts (via credit cards). Payment is due at the time of service.

Cancellation Policy: Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Sessions not cancelled in advance will be billed half the cost of the session (e.g., $62 for a missed individual session).

Information you share in counseling sessions will be kept private and confidential. Your counseling records will be securely kept and only accessible to me or any other provider you give your express permission to release information to via a signed Release of Information form.

Confidentiality does have some limitations, such as protecting the safety of children, minors & vulnerable adults with cognitive impairments. It is my job to do what I can to try to help people be safe, so if you express a desire to harm yourself or someone else, this may fall under confidentiality limitations.

A first session is called an Intake. It is a time for us to get to meet one another so that you can decide if you would like to seek services with me.

During an Intake, I ask you for information about yourself, such as what are your current struggles and how can I help? What is your family background? Who are your support networks? Have you tried counseling before? What are your goals for counseling?

Information is kept private and confidential. Sessions and intakes are a safe space to discuss any of your concerns with a caring, accepting, non-judgmental professional with your best interests in mind.  If you'd like to meet me before deciding if you would like services, we can arrange a consultation, in person or over the phone, at no cost to you.

Fees & FAQs



1790 32nd Ave. S.

Fargo, ND  58104



Mondays: 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Tuesdays: 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Wednesdays: 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Weekends: By Appointment


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